What We Believe

What We Believe

Our Christian Faith

Christian faith is shaped by grounding our lives in the living God as revealed in Jesus Christ. Faith is following Jesus, answering the call to be his disciples in the world. It’s trusting in God and relying on God as the source and destiny of our lives. Faith is hoping for God’s future, leading to the coming kingdom that God has promised.

 We look to Scripture

Scripture is God’s unique testimony in the life of Israel; in the ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ; and in the Spirit’s work in the early church. In studying the Bible we use concordances, commentaries, and other aids prepared by the scholars. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we try to discern both the original intention of the text and how it applies to our own lives.

A Mission to Nurture and Serve

From John Wesley’s time to the present, Methodism has sought to be both a nurturing community and a servant community. Members of early Methodist Societies met for personal nurture through giving to the poor, visiting the imprisoned, and working for justice and peace in the community. They sought not only to receive the fullness of God’s grace for themselves, but they saw themselves as existing to reform the nation and to spread scriptural holiness over the land. As we grow in faith through our participation in the church community, we are also nourished and equipped for mission and service to the world.